Saturday, 13 May 2017

Comixology Carnage!

Issue 16 of 100% Biodegradable is out now on ComiXology!

Recently awarded 8.3 out of 10 on Fanboy Nation, and described as 'some of the best science fiction storytelling outside of 2000ad' on Pop Culture Bandit, the latest issue features a whole wealth of sci-fi and fantasy carnage from the likes of Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, X-Men, Batman), John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible), Brett Burbridge (Octal, Sliced Quarterly), Alan Burrows (Eagle, 2000ad), Paul H Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time), Luciano Fleitas (H-alt, The Chronicles Of Terror) Paul Bradford (H-alt, Indie Comics) and more.
Issue 16 of the quarterly digital anthology is available for just $0.99/69p at the following links:

Sunday, 26 March 2017

100% Biodegradable 16 - out now!

Issue 16 of the 36 page quarterly sci-fi anthology 100% Biodegradable has just launched on Comicsy and Drivethru (with a ComiXology release to follow at a later date).

Inside the issue:

Almost exactly 27 years after its original publication in Marvel UK's 'Strip', Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, X-Men, Batman) and John Freeman's 'Rourke Of The Radlands' returns, with a brand new lick of digital paint from Brett Burbridge!  

This won't be the last we see of Rourke, either.  Bill Storie and Brett Burbridge are currently hard at work illustrating a brand new Rourke strip (scripted by John Freeman and David Hailwood) for issue 17.

Also inside issue 16...A Mars base gets infected by a deadly alien parasite in Paul Bradford (Octal, Hallowscream) and Luciano Fleitas' (H-alt, The Chronicles Of Terror) haunting sci-fi tale 'The Ides Of Mars'.

Luciano's artwork is pretty damned gorgeous, and if you fancy drooling over more of it, check out his deviant art page.

The crew of the Skow 709 run a gauntlet of ancient alien deathtraps in the second part of 'Skowdogs' - a brand new 8 part series by John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible) and Dave Thomson (The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, Dr WTF?).   
Switchblade gains a new client as giant mutated germs infest the city in the second part of a 3 part series by Alan Burrows (Eagle, 2000ad), Paul H.Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time) and Steve Harrison (Fast Car magazine, The Sunday Sport)  

And finally, in an attempt to tackle spiralling crime rates, the police force unleash a bizarre  group of mutants and super freaks to dispense their own unique brand of criminal justice...The Odd Squad by David Hailwood and Tony Suleri.

Grab the latest issue on Comicsy here or Drivethru here for just 69p/$0.99!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bottoms up, old chums!

For those still chasing the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, 100% Biodegradable 8 is free for the weekend on Drivethru, and the second print collection (containing Chris Sides and Dan Cornwell's brilliant St. Patrick's Day zombie strip 'The Last Batch') has been reduced in price to just $7 (less than £6 for 110 pages of carnage!)
Grab yourself a bargain!

Print Collection:
Issue 8 Freebie:
And keep your eyes peeled for preview pages from the upcoming 100% Biodegradable Issue 16, due out very soon indeed!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Top Indie Comics of 2016

To celebrate 100% Biodegradable getting a mention in Pipedream Comics 50 top indie comics of 2016 list, the digital version of the first 100% Biodegradable Collection (containing most strips from issues 1-6) is now free on Drivethru until January 7th.

You can read the article on Pipedream here:

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that Ken Reynolds (who does the bulk of the lettering for Biodegradable, and assists with the editing) and Sam Bentley's supernatural steampunk comic 'Cognition' has made it through to Pipedream's list of top 10 indie comics, and can be voted for at the following link (polling ends at midnight on January 5th):

Saturday, 17 December 2016

An avalanche of comics!

Right, bit of a meaty update for you.

Firstly, not one but two 100% Biodegradable print collections have just launched on Drivethru.

100% Biodegradable Collection 2 features 26 strips from professional creators, indie regulars and promising newcomers across the UK and abroad, including Dan Cornwell (Rok of the Reds, Futurequake), Gary Crutchley (2000ad, WESTERNoir), Jim Alexander (2000ad, Judge Dredd Megazine), Jon Haward (Judge Dredd, Tales Of The Buddha), Paul H. Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time), Paul Harrison-Davies (Boom! Studios 'Zombie Tales', Blank Slate's 'Nelson'), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Bulletproof) and many more.

It collects selected stories from issues 7-10 of the digital anthology, including a preview of the first explosive episode of Death Duty by John Freeman and Brett Burbridge (the full series can be read in issues 7-14 of the 100% Biodegradable digital anthology), and is available for $12 (slightly less than a tenner) at the following link:

100% Biodegradable Collection 3 features 24 strips from the likes of Andrew Hartmann (Torsobear, Sh*t Flingers), Kek-W (2000ad, Commando), Lukasz Kowalczuk (Slime!, Aces Weekly), Tomislav Tikulin (Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog) and many more.

It collects selected stories from issues 11-14 of the digital anthology; whether it's rampaging robots, surfboarding teenage werewolves, or Elvis in a phlegm suit you're after, there's a little something for everyone.

And in other news 100% Biodegradable issue 14, which contains the final explosive instalment of John Freeman and Brett Burbridge's Death Duty series, has just been released on ComiXology for just 69p.  Treat yourself to some quality sci-fi carnage!

And in case all that isn't enough to give you a sci-fi overload, 100% Biodegradable 15 is out now!

Here's a few previews of what to expect inside...

First up, the start of a brand new 8 part series from John Freeman and Dave Thomson...Skowdogs!  A small rundown starship with its misfit crew seek out new worlds, new civilisations - and try to make as much money as possible without getting killed...

And then we have Climate Exchange by Dave Roberts and Edward Whatley, in which the discovery of a receipt for planet earth could prove to be mankind's ultimate salvation...or destruction.

From Alan Burrows (2000ad, Eagle, Red Dwarf) and Paul H. Birch comes the first of a three part classic series starring the ever charismatic Switchblade.

All this, and more, in the next 36 page edition of 100% Biodegradable...available now on Drivethru and Comicsy

Monday, 19 September 2016

More Issue 14 sneak peeks!

Well, since Issue 14 is mere hours away from completion, here's a peek at some of the other strips appearing inside.

From Andre Mateus and Tony Suleri there's 'Old Bill' - an ageing detective who's struggling to remain useful in a technologically advanced society.

Then there's Last Breath by David Hailwood, Dave Snell and Ken Reynolds, in which even the stars provide no escape from a persistent zombie outbreak.

And rounding off the issue, there's the final instalment of John Freeman and David Hailwood's Death Duty series, ably illustrated by Brett Burbridge, and lettered by Ken Reynolds.

There'll be more news on the series that'll be replacing Death Duty coming soon, so stay tuned! (or, er, pop back later)

Sunday, 11 September 2016

100% Biodegradable 14 previews

With issue 14 of 100% Biodegradable due out later this month, it's time to take a peek at some of the strips appearing inside.

First up, Rock Rider by Tomislav Tikulin and Sebastijan Camagajevac.
Both Croatian artists have had considerable success in their field, with Tomislav's artwork having graced the likes of Analog, Asimov's Science Fiction, and Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, and Seb having illustrated many books and made it to the finals of the Illustrators Of The Future contest.
Catch more of their artwork here:
And then there's Time Begins, written by Steven Fraser (Futurequake, Wasted) and illustrated by Ed Norden (Torsobear, Murky Depths).
You can find out more about the writer at his website here:
We also have Moths and Demons, by Scott Melrose and Adam Kindred (with letters by Ken Reynolds).
You can see more of Adam's amazing artwork here:

More previews will follow next week!